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In the classroom

Each of our Cedar Mill classrooms is fully InnovatED.  We have a 1:1 student to device ratio; kindergarten-2nd grade use iPads, while 3rd-5th grades use Chromebooks.

Teachers utilize iPads and Apple TVs to integrate technology into routines, instruction, and assessment.  This technology enables activities in the classroom that are collaborative, adaptive, and exciting. These resources also allow both teachers and students to introduce and share information in highly engaging ways not previously possible!

In Technology Class

In Technology Class, we use computers, iPads and a variety of equipment from our Makerspace resources (robots, building toys, etc.) to cover a variety of technology topics:

  • Keyboarding: 2nd-5th grades participate in the Cedar Mill Typing Olympics each year, while younger students play games to become familiar with the keyboard.
  • Computer Skills: We cover skills that will help prepare students for the future in their education and beyond: word processing, spreadsheets, slide presentations, research strategies, etc.
  • Digital Citizenship: Our age-appropriate lessons reinforce what it means to be safe, kind, and respectful in our digital lives. We cover topics such as Privacy & Security, Media Balance, Communication & Relationships, Digital Footprint & Identity, and News & Media Literacy.
  • Coding: Even the youngest students can learn the basics of computer programming. Using computers, iPads, and robots, our coding activities teach kids logic and problem solving skills and encourage creativity.
  • Makerspace: Our makerspace challenges and exploration give students the opportunity to combine technology (coding, robotice, engineering) with creativity (design process & creation).

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